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About Us

Aceekret team of multi-disciplinary experts features 30 years of cutting-edge research and innovative applications in wide range of complex systems (in physics, biomedicine, engineering and others fields) as well as 20 years of diverse financial experience (from quantitative models and simulations in risk management to multi-frequency algorithmic trading strategies). Using such multi-disciplinary expertise, we always stay several steps ahead of major new developments in complex systems modeling and early identification of novel or emerging multi-disciplinary techniques that could be adopted for financial markets.

Non-stationarity and constantly increasing complexity of financial markets makes it very challenging transferring advanced techniques from various fields into investment and trading applications. For example, modern machine learning (ML) and AI algorithms (including deep learning) demonstrated excellent performance in image classification and natural language processing (NLP). However, straightforward application of similar techniques for trading and investment often results in unstable out-of-sample performance and inability of handling multiple market regime changes.

Our first-hand understanding of all major types of fundamental and technical approaches and their key limitations combined with detailed knowledge of pro and cons of quantitative models and modern ML algorithms allowed us to create a unique hybrid system capable of discovery of market invariants and regime-independent strategies. Our system optimally combines best features of many cutting-edge analytical and ML methods as well as efficiently incorporates existing expert knowledge. Our framework constantly evolves by adding complementary value of promising novel approaches discovered by our
team and other researchers around the world.

While measures, indicators and strategies discovered by our framework can be used in different ways, our focus is helping our clients to solve the most difficult problems associated with rare market events as well as evolving and emerging complex patterns that are very challenging or simply impossible to detect by other means.  Therefore, we recommend our clients start enhancing performance of their portfolios or protect them from hard-to-detect risks using complementary and non-standard market views offered by our system in addition to their current favorite tool set of indicators and strategies.