Welcome to Aceekret.

Our Edge

We unveil trading opportunities and unexpected risk in the most challenging market behaviors including rare events, non-standard patterns, and regime changes that remain hidden to others. 

  1. AI-driven Discovery of Market Invariants via Smart Combination

Our proprietary framework leveraging boosting, deep learning, existing expert knowledge, quantitative analytics as well as complexity measures inspired by non-linear dynamics and computational topology, discovers market invariants in the form of regime-independent portfolios of complementary trading strategies 

  1. Tracking Thousands of Evolving and Emerging Tradable Patterns

Our market-invariant ensembles of complementary trading strategies implicitly encode a wide range of tradable market events and have the capacity to quantify thousands of existing and emerging precursor patterns of varying complexity that are impossible to capture by other means.

  1. Robust Detection of Rare Market Events and Regime Changes

Our multi-expert strategy-based indicators can effectively quantify and predict rare and other hard-to-model events and regime changes in global markets and individual sectors that could be used for profitable trading, hedging and key enhancements of your current investment and business strategies.

  1. Alternative Multi-Horizon Market Views

Our evolving behavioral indicators based on regime-independent strategy ensemble can be interpreted as a large pool of virtual experts with complementary market knowledge, risk appetite and behavioral signatures offering multi-horizon market views that are alternative to the mainstream approaches.

Our solutions

  • Prediction of Rare Events and Market Regime Changes
  • Discovery and Tracking of Thousands of Evolving Predictive Patterns
  • Early Detection of Emerging Tradable Patterns
  • Optimal Capital Allocation, Rebalancing and Hedging